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Meet Monica

Attorney fighting for hurricane victims and businesses.  Former schoolteacher.  Daughter of Cuban immigrants. Wife and a mother to kids in Lee County schools.

Monica is running for Lee County School Board to ensure top-tier education for local students. With a passion for quality schooling, she aims to equip young Americans with fundamental skills while preparing them for a dynamic job market. Rooted in her family's escape from Cuban communism, Monica is a devoted patriot who values freedom and opportunity.


She resides in Fort Myers Beach and is not a career politician, but a community-driven individual. Monica's background as a Deputy Attorney General in Indiana underscores her commitment to safety and lawfulness in neighborhoods and schools. She's also experienced in aiding hurricane victims and is a fiscal conservative who prioritizes effective investments in education. Monica's resolute dedication positions her as a capable advocate for exceptional, competitive education, making her the right choice for the Lee County School Board.

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Monica Schmucker isn't just another name on a ballot – she embodies resilience, dedication, and a relentless passion for education and community welfare. Join the great Florida residents who support her:


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Monica on Education

As our next Lee County School Board Member, Monica will bring unmatched passion, vision, and dedication to our local schools. She and her husband have been and continue to be tireless advocates for our local schools and the important effort to rebuild after Hurricane Ian.

Monica has served as a member of the ad hoc committee working with the Lee County School District to come up with a plan for rebuilding Fort Myers Beach Elementary School after Hurricane Ian.  She worked with fellow parents, representatives from the school, town council, and chamber of commerce along with School District staff to move forward on the rebuilding effort.


Monica knows that our kids, parents, teachers, and administrators are eager to rebuild and restore normalcy in our community, and a key component in showing that we successfully recovered is getting the elementary school rebuilt and opened on Fort Myers Beach.


Key issues such as reading proficiency, teacher retention, and often overlooked aspects like civics demand immediate attention. Lee schools' reading proficiency levels fall below the state average, exacerbated by a shortage of 200 teachers. These issues interconnect, relying on responsible resource allocation, directly impacting student outcomes.


While recent teacher raises are commendable, they represent only a fraction of the larger challenge. Monica emphasizes the imperative of ensuring teacher and student safety, along with providing educators the necessary support to address diverse student needs.


Monica has also been an active member of the PTO at the elementary school, and her husband has served as the co-treasurer of Fort Myers Beach Elementary School PTO for nearly five years.


Along with her husband and numerous fellow parents across Lee County, Monica has dedicated countless hours to the education of Lee County schoolchildren through various fundraising projects that directly benefit the schools and the important work done in the classrooms.

Join Monica's team and make a difference in Lee County Education. We are looking for volunteers to help with the campaign. Let's work together towards a brighter future for our children!
Donate to Monica to empower quality education. Her passion, experience, and dedication ensure better schools and opportunities for Lee County's children. Your contribution drives positive change.
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Support Monica's campaign with yard signs for homes and businesses. Together, we amplify her vision for positive change in Lee County Education, fostering a better future for our children!
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